Changing a road bike tire can become fun if you know the right way of how to change a road bike tire. A flat tire may appear in your sight at any time in your journey.

Getting a flat tire is so natural for the riders, especially for the mountain riders. If you are one of them, you must know how to change a road bike tire and tube.

Attention: If your bike has a tube inside the tire, then you should check out the tube also. The tube may get damaged with the tire.

We experience unwanted flat tires for several reasons. To avoid this nightmare in the middle of the journey, you must change the tire after a reasonable time.

Go through this article eventually to get the most natural solution for a flat bike tire.

How often should you change Tires on a road bike?

Types of tire:

The longevity of the bike tire depends on the nature of the tire. You may not expect a road bike tire to survive off-road.

If you are riding a regular road bike, then you have thin and narrow tires. These types of tires cannot survive off-road like the mountain and rocky areas.

Next, mountain bikes carry thicker and wider tires. They are more durable than a road bike’s tire. Here, you have to check out the tires regularly.

In short, road bike tires can last longer than mountain bike tires. You may have to change the tires of a mountain bike every two months.

Your weight:

Riders’ weight also matters for the tire. Your weight may affect both tires. The rear tire is the principal victim of the riders’ weight.

If you are overweight, then you should take care of the rear tire regularly. A new tire can bear your weight for two months easily. After passing the first month, you should be aware of the tire.

Road condition:

Professional riders like to go for long rides with their bike. In the period of a long journey, the rider may travel different roads.

The road may become plain, rocky, ups and down, and so on. The probability of getting a flat tire is vast in this case.

Before going for a long ride with an old tire, you should change the tires. Older tiers may seem to be fit for the trip, but actually, they are prone to be flat at any time.

Your riding style:

The durability of the tires may depend on your riding style. If you practice bike-stunt with your bike, then your tires will not survive for a reasonable time.

You have to use wide and thick tires to ensure longevity. You should not use a tire for more than 50 days. If the tires are looking good, then you may carry on.

Front VS Rear tire:

In the term of use, the front tire stays longer than the rear tire. The rear tire bears the weight of the rider, pressure from the chain, and gear complexity.

You may change the tires like 2:1. It means a front tire may last as two rear tires last.

How often should you change Tires on a road bike

What do you need to change a bike tire?

  • Tire
  • Tube
  • Pumper for bike/ Air compressor
  • Screwdriver
  • Blade (Optional)
  • Glue (Optional)
  • Old tube (Optional)

Follow up the cautions while changing a bike tire

Size of the tube and tire: Size of the tube and tire is a crucial thing. Before buying the tube and tire, you must ensure the right size of both tube and tire.

If you look at the bottom of the tire, then you should get the size in number there. Like the same way, you can get the size of the tube in the sidewall.

You must meet the accurate measurement of the tire and tube as well.

Use the right tools: Make sure you have a patch kit at your garage. If you don’t have the repair kit, then you can use home remedies as the essential staff.

Arrange the things above to change your road bike tire easily.

Add air in the right amount: The volume of air is responsible for the performance of the newly installed tire. You should put in a lot of air for the first time.

You should get the exact volume of the PSI level in the user manual of the bike.

Follow the instructions below systematically: Don’t be in a hurry in the steps below. Any mismanagement in operation can kill your time and money both.

Look: Changing a bike tire does not require a biology background. Anyone can change a tire in a while.

How do you change a front road bike tire?

a) Remove the old front tire

Step 1 Place the bike upside down: Place the bike upside down in a flat ground. You can arrange a carpet to the ground to avoid any scratch in the seat and handlebar.

How do you change a front road bike tire

Step 2 Unlock the wheel and take it out: Look at the lever in the middle of the front wheel. Unlock the lever and turn it to release the wheel.

Step 3 Take out the tire: Use the flat screwdriver to unfold the tire from the rim. Put the screwdriver on the side of the edge and press it. The tire should take out easily.

b) Put on the new tire on the front wheel

Step 4 Install the new tire: Adjust the tube in the new tire. Make sure you have bought the right tire for the proper tube size.

Put the valve cap in the rim and place the tube inside the tire slowly. Now, adjust the tire in the rim. Press the whole tire to attach the tube with the tire.

How do you change a front road bike tire

Step 5 Replace the wheel: Replace the wheel in the right position on your bike. You should arrange the brake cables on the side of the rim.

After placing the tire, unlock the lever. Remember, you should adjust the wheel tightly so that it may not release from the bike automatically.

Step 6 Add air: Get the air compressor and fix the valve to the wheel. Add air slowly. The speed of the airflow should be lower for the new tire.

Don’t put much air in the tire for the first time. If you are packing for a long ride, then add air in the right volume.

How do you change a rear tire on a road bike?

a) Remove the old rear tire

Step 1 Select a proper place: Select a suitable place to operate the whole thing. You can use your garage or select a spot under a tree.

Step 2 Turn the bike upside down: Make sure you have arranged the staff that you need to change the tire. Turn the bike upside down in the flat ground.

How do you change a rear tire on a road bike

You can change the tire keeping the bike straight in the ground. Upside down is the best position for this operation.

Step 3 Unlock the wheel: Unlock the wheel by pulling out the lever. Turn the lever anticlockwise. The wheel should come out quickly.

Arrange the break cables to take out the wheel. Place the wheel on the ground.

Step 4 Put the flat screwdriver in the rim: Get the flat-headed screwdriver and put it in the rim. Press the screwdriver in the inner rim to unfold the tire.

Use the screwdriver to unfold the whole tire from the rim.

b) Put on a new tire on the rear wheel

Step 5 Place the tube in the new tire: Place the tube in the new tire. Make sure the new tire is of proper size. Adjust the tube in the tire.

Place the tire in the wheel. Make sure the tube is in the exact position.

How do you change a rear tire on a road bike

Step 6 Replace the wheel in the same position: Attach the wheel in the same location and unlock. Adjust the brake cables in the same place.

Step 7 Add air: Add air in the right volume. You should eventually add air to ensure the life of the tire.

Bottom line:

I hope you have the most accessible instructions reading the article on how to change a road bike tire. You should follow the cautions to avoid future flat tire experience.

The volume of air in the tire is also significant. Make a habit of testing the air pressure in the tire before every ride.

Keep your fit by maintaining a routine checkup. You can check up your bike easily, just arranging a kit.

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