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What Does an Exercise Bike Do – 5 Key Benefits

Exercise bikes are the ideal piece of cardio equipment. Like any cardiovascular exercise, working out on your exercise bike will make your heart stronger and consume calories. What really sets the exercise bike training apart, is its ability to make intense cardio or long endurance sessions possible for a range of athletes. In this details […]

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Are Exercise Bikes Good Cardio? Details Explained

If your exercise bike cardio workout consists of leisurely pedaling while paying more attention to the overhead TV than to your heart rate, level of intensity or speed, at that point an exercise bike will not provide a good cardio exercise. On the other hand, if you pedal speedily, with a medium to the high […]

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Exercise Bike Workout for Beginners – Tips and Guide

An exercise bike is one of the best ways for beginners to get in shape. They’re easy to use, perfect for less-than-stellar joints, they’re a great way to get your cardio in, and they also work hard to enhance heart health and help with weight loss. So why we discuss details on the topic – […]

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