Global warming, climate change, and the greenhouse effect are the three most concerning issues for humans and the modern world in the 21st century. Thus, scientists and general people are looking to combat these problems with eco-friendly tools, appliances, and commuting options. The latest addition to this list of eco-friendly commuters is the electric bikes. 

Electric bikes are called “zero-emission” vehicles and are hugely appreciated for their environmental benefits. So, what are the environmental benefits of electric bikes? This is a question that many people ask. 

Among the top environmental benefits of electric bikes, we may include zero-emission facility, no use of fossil fuels, battery-operated performance, and many more. If you look for an e-bike, we will discuss its top environmental advantages to help you make a quick decision. 

The Top Environmental Benefits Of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have become the new buzz in the commuting industry. It is partly because of its easy riding and user conveniences and partly for the vehicle’s eco-friendliness. In fact, its eco-friendly design has changed the traditional concept of transportation and commuting forever. 

Zero-emission facility:

The best thing about driving an e-bike is its zero-emission functioning. While other commuters such as buses, cars, and trains will use diesel and gas for running and emit carbon dioxide in the air, an e-bike is free from it. 

Electric bikes run on a battery, powered by electricity. So, it doesn’t emit any carbon dioxide and harmful gasses into the environment. It is a great benefit since carbon dioxide emission is the main culprit of climate change and the greenhouse effect. According to NASA, carbon dioxide emission has risen 49% over the past decades. So, electric bikes with zero-emission are a great help in conserving nature and climate change. 

No sound pollution:

Another unique environmental advantage of the electric bike is its quieter operation. Electric bikes usually operate pretty quietly. Experts say that electric bike noise level is below 25dB, which is nearly inaudible in crowded locations outside. 

So, when you drive good quality electric bikes, you are actually promoting a noise-free surrounding. So, electric bikes go a long way to safeguard you and the environment from noise pollution. It is a great relief in metropolitans where the noise level is often almost well-over our optimal hearing. 

No use of fossil fuel:

When we burn or use fossil fuels such as coal, diesel, petrol, or gas, it has a far-reaching impact on our ecology and environment. In fact,  coal alone has increased the planet’s temperature from 0.3°C to 1°C in the past few decades. 

Also, as we know, carbon dioxide emission is the main culprit for climate change and global warming. And what’s scarier is that fossil fuels are responsible for 89% of carbon dioxide emissions, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) suggested in 2018. 

Thankfully, the electric bike doesn’t use any fossil fuel. So, it has no hand in carbon dioxide emission and global warming. Thus, the use of electric bikes will help you preserve the environment better. Also, the more we use e-bikes, the less fossil fuel is consumed. It is a great help as fossil fuel is running out pretty fast. So, you also help the world use its fossil fuel for an extended period by riding e-bikes. Although it is not an environmental benefit directly, it is a useful contribution for 3rd world countries that face scarcity of fuels. 

Stops air pollution:

We have mentioned that electric bikes don’t generate any carbon dioxide and harmful gas in the air. So, it protects the air and stops air pollution. In large cities and metropolitans, it’s a massive benefit. Research shows that cars contribute to 25% to 30% of the total gas emission in the environment, which is the root cause of air pollution. 

Therefore, electric bikes with zero-emission features are the best way to stop pollution and breathe fresh air. 

Improved battery performance saves lithium-ion:

As the battery technology of electric bikes is developing rapidly, it also contributes to the vehicle’s eco-friendly behavior. These days, manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries for electric bikes. These batteries are highly efficient. 

It means these batteries actually generate better energy compared to their electricity consumption. So, electric bikes with improved battery efficiency and performance need less electricity. It is a great environmental benefit as less electricity use means less fossil fuel is brunt in the powerhouses. On top of it, the constant advancement of e-bike batteries also means that it will need less lithium-ion consumption in the future, and so, it too will protect the environment. 

Uses fewer roadways to save land:

As more and more vehicles are plying up on the roads, every country is developing their roadways to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles. According to the “World Bank Economic Review” in an article named “Roads, Land Use, and Deforestation: A Spatial Model Applied to Belize,” it was estimated that road construction is the main responsible for the ongoing deforestation in many countries. 

Thus, e-bikes, with their compact size, are a great way to save the planet from deforestation. The compact size of e-bike means it needs fewer roadways compared to cars and buses. So, the government doesn’t need any additional roads to accommodate the increased number of e-bike riders. It saves both land and forest, which reduces the existing effect of climate change and global warming. 

Final Words 

The electric bike has become the new craziness in the commuting world for no simple reason. It is user-friendly, easy to ride, and needs less maintenance. Also, you can ride the electric bike faster to reach your destination speedily. But, above all, electric bikes have gone a long way to save our environment with their eco-friendliness. 

An electric bike has truly saved the environment superbly from not emitting carbon dioxide to not using fuel fossils and from saving lithium-ion consumption with improved battery capacity to reducing noise and air pollution. Thus, it’s time you embrace this neo-normal mode of transportation and save your Planet Earth. 

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