Arthritis is a common issue, especially for senior people, that causes pain in joints. Although arthritis can be treated with a lot of activity and vitamins, physical exercise will be an excellent way to fight against this disease.

Now you may think which workout will be good for arthritis. Typically, riding a bicycle is an excellent one for physically capable people. And if the bike is an e-bike, you will get different health benefits, including relieving arthritis.

Besides, most doctors suggest that using an electric bike is a primary form of exercise. It is the most preferred and safest method of treating arthritis and bad knees. Read continue this context to figure out more about electric bikes and arthritis.

What Is Arthritis Disease?

There are around 100 conditions that affect the body’s joints, which makes arthritis a multi-faceted disease. Joints like wrists, knees, buttocks, knees, and ankles are common parts of your body that contain arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is usually caused by a defect in the immune system that attracts its own tissue to the joints.

Are Electric Bikes Good for Arthritis

Arthritis can also be caused by issues with the metabolic conditions or immune system. Unfortunately, this disease cannot be cured permanently, but it can be cured by taking medication. Also, exercise can be a great way to relieve your arthritis pain. But the reality is that regular exercise can be challenging when dealing with a physical weakness like arthritis.

The main reason is that you can’t put too much pressure on your knees because too much pressure can make your condition worse. In that case, riding an electric bike can be beneficial. You may be wondering now where to find such bikes. Typically, you will find an electric bike for arthritis patients on the market that is specifically designed to relieve joint pain.

Are Electric Bikes Good for Arthritis?

Numerous physicians advise arthritis patients to ride electric bikes regularly. This is because riding an e-bike is the most reliable choice that allows you to stop pedaling and keep the motor at speed. You may think that riding an electric bike with your bad knee would be challenging.

Are Electric Bikes Good for Arthritis

Studies have shown that riding on an e-bike will boost your health and gradually relieve knee pain. Typically, electric bikes come with a paddle-support mode, which is quite perfect for arthritis patients. You can easily control the intensity of the paddle support depending on your physical condition.

So, exercising on an e-bike is easily manageable. It reduces pressure on the knees and does not strain them. For this, you just need to keep the suspension and power neutral while riding the electric bike. This way, you can get the best outcomes from your electric bike.

What Can Types of Electric Bike Be Used With Arthritis?

You will find several electric bikes on the marketplace that can be used by arthritis patients. Below, we have outlined the two most widely used electric bikes that will help to get rid of your joint pain, including arthritis.

Step-Through Electric Bike

This type of electric bike is the best choice for dealing with arthritis. Step-through e-bikes either have no top or have a top tube sloping downwards. It helps you to get on and off the bike easily. This design makes it acceptable to all types of users.

The handle design style of this bike helps to reduce pressure and strain on the elbows and wrists. This will gradually reduce the pain of arthritis in those areas. Also, if you have arthritis of the knee or buttocks, this bike enables you to ride without pedals. It will make your knees or hips reliable and comfortable.

Cruiser Electric Bike

Cruiser electric bikes are the best choice that helps to remove all the stress and strain from your joints. The seat position of this bike is perfect for sitting upright. That is why you can sit on the bike without weighing on your elbows and wrists.

Additionally, it relieves a great deal of pressure from painful joints. Also, the cruiser electric bikes have an accelerator design as a step-through model. It allows you to do the heavy lifting, which relaxes your legs and relieves tension and pressure in your knees.

Is it Safe to Ride an E-Bike If I Have Arthritis?

Electric bikes are just like regular bicycles in every way, even if you have arthritis. Many people with this disease have already ridden this bike. But, when riding an electric bike with arthritis, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

You need to make sure you are riding from your comfort zone while riding an electric bike. Never push yourself so hard. It is unnecessary to put extra pressure on your bad knees, as electric bikes are pretty safe to ride. Also, an electric bike gives you complete control over it.

Since electric bikes come with pedal-assistance mode, you can easily determine how much pedal assistance you need. For this, you can make a good combination of suspension and power. Also, try to keep a bike with an extended frame so that you do not have to bend your knees.

Things to Keep in Mind While First Riding an E-Bike With Arthritis

When you are going to ride an electric bike first, you have to consider a few things, especially if you have arthritis. These things will help you make your ride smooth. Below, we have pointed out some significant things that you should look out for.

  • If you are feeling hesitant to start riding, avoid steep junctures and bumpy roads.
  • Adjust your e-bike saddle height to ensure easy mounting or dismounting of the bike. This will help you get less strain on your knee joints.
  • Always try to remain your back straight when riding and ensure less bending and twisting. Too much bending and twisting may cause pain in your knees.

Tips for Optimal Electric Bike Riding With Arthritis

If you deal with arthritis problems, you have to follow different tricks and tips to create an optimal electric bike riding experience. For your convenience, we have outlined some tips that will help you get the best results from the riding.

  • Choose an electric bike that is big enough for you so that you don’t have to blend more than you need.
  • Always try to remain your pedaling rate relatively high that will help you to alleviate stress off your knees,
  • Buy 1½ inches wide tires so that you will get better balance than using thinner tires.
  • Adjust the fit and posture of your electric bike that is best for you to avoid unnecessary bending.
  • Patients, especially arthritis, have suggested buying an electric bike with a 500-watt motor that you help to go up hills. This will help you to get less stress on your joints.

Best Electric Bike for Arthritis: Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right bike is comparatively tricky, especially for people who are going through an arthritis problem. We have demonstrated some factors that you should consider while purchasing an electric bike.

Best Electric Bike for Arthritis


The first thing you have to consider is the design of your chosen electric bike. Pick a bike with an adjustable seat so that you get the best comfort while riding. Avoid picking the one that holds a superior height.

The Motor

Try to purchase an electric bike that contains a powerful high-speed motor. You will get strength when riding according to the motor power. So, selecting a bike with a motor range of 250 watts to 800 watts will be best.

Build Quality

Build Quality is one of the most vital factors that you should keep in mind. Purchase a bike whose frame is made of aluminum with the highest durability. Otherwise, you will not ride the bike on the rough surface.


As a battery is a primary source of getting power to the eclectic bike, you should choose a bike with a powerful battery. Try to purchase a bike with a minimum of 36v 8ah capacity battery with removable facility.


Arthritis can be painful, so every patient with this disease tries to reduce the pain as soon as possible. Although medication can alleviate the disease, regular exercise will be a great way to reduce the pain. The good news is that most of the doctors recommend riding an electric bike as an initial form of exercise.

In reality, most people are confused about whether electric bikes are good for arthritis. We hope after reading this context, their confusion might be cleared. Typically, riding an electric bike will gradually boost your health and relieve your knee pains.

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