Have you got the perfect size bike for you?

If I am not wrong you didn’t examine the size when you bought the bike or you really don’t know which size bike is perfect for your height. Many of you choose 26-inch bike without knowing the exact outcomes and result of using that bike. Here, I have discussed various kind of size of bike and your height. Especially, I have answered the question 26 inch bike for what size person.

I know measured bike how much essential for a rider. Keeping in mind the pressure of ridding and the side effect ridding different size of bikes, I have written this one to make you conscious about choosing a bike. A bike is a regular partner of our pleaser and our health. I am sure that you are here to know what size of the bike is perfect according to your height because you have decided to modify your health.

Types of the bike:

You will have many types of bikes in your local market. You need to choose your one considering how you want to ride the precious bike. See the various types of bike below:

Mountain bike: Mountain bike is one of the favorite bikes of you I know. This bike can be used in the road as well as in the mountain. In the modern age, the youngsters use the bike on the roadside to show various stands in front of the public. Generally, the bike has 26 or 29 inch wide knobby tires which enable you to grip in the slippery field.

26 inch Bike types

Hybrid/ Comfort bike: Comfort bike is generally designed as comfortable with wheel and seat. You would find a very comfortable experience riding this bike with a sporty look.

Road bike: This is a stylish one of all bikes. You may see on the roadside many of you are riding this bike. This is designed to get a comfortable experience riding on the roadside. It is designed with a high seat and down handlebar.

26 Inch Bike For What Size

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Recumbent Bike: A recumbent is generally referred to as a bicycle with a reclined seated position or lying position. This bike is particularly suitable for complaints in the upper body because the lying driving position is particularly gentle on the back, neck, arms, and wrists. It also has no saddle but is usually equipped with a net seat or bucket seat. The bottom bracket and the pedals are in front. You should choose the Best Seniors Recumbent Exercise Bike  by considering your weight, height, price, model, color, etc.

Time trial bike: This is a digitalized bike with modern technology. You can fix a timer on the bike having fixing capabilities. You can modify the bike as you want.

size of 26 inches Bike types

Trick bike: This bike is designed as a motorbike with an outstanding look. Generally, you will have a 20-inch wheel on each portion. The trick bike is basically used by the stand-man in the circus or roadshow.

Except for this bike, you will have many more types of bikes. Be sure before buying your favorite one that you are getting the best. You cannot change a bike whimsically riding a bike for a few days. It may hamper your body in many ways.

Let’s talk about some consideration that you must think about when you are ready to buy one. Read the consideration below:

What to consider before choosing a bike?

Do not buy the bike with the instigation of a salesman: You know a salesman always wants to sell his product without knowing your reason for buying. They could put unnecessary things and thought into your mind to get their unsold product. You must keep yourself apart from these kinds of information.

Your height: Judge your height at first. Generally, we choose bikes with a look and advanced feature. You must choose the suitable for your height which will be comfortable as well.

Length of your leg: The most important part of measuring height is to know your length of legs. Most trainers always suggest choosing a bike according to the height of the legs. Moreover, trainers will suggest you knowing your present height both legs and body.

Length of Legs for 26 inch bikes

Your target to achieve: You must fix a target that why you are going to buy a bike. It could be a reason or free riding, stand, hobby, exercise, or many others. Whatever the reason you must select one which will be appropriate for reaching your goal.

Duration of achieving the goal: This is also an important issue you need to keep in mind when you are in the shop to buy the bike. Every bike has a definite outcome with certain durability. Here, you have to fix your target that you want to be at that time.

What size of bike should you buy?

Bike size really matters for a different kind of person. It is a big issue if you are going to ride the bike regularly or you are doing so to keep fit your health. To choose the perfect one you may follow some method. See some general method of choosing bike size according to your height.

Bike Size Chart – Take The Perfect Size Bike

Your heightBike size
4’11”-5’3”13-15”  bike
5’3″–5’7″15–16” bike
5’7″–5’11”16–17” bike
6’0″–6’2″17–19 inches bike
6’2″–6’4″19–21 inches bike
6’4″and taller21+ inches bike

You follow this general method of buying a bike. This is an easy method to measure a bike with your height. There are more techniques to select bike size. See below.

Another method:  Stand on the floor with feet taking off your shoes and stand with your straight legs. Keep distance your leg about 15 to 20 cm or (6” to 8”). Now measure your legs height from the floor to your crotch.

Now choose a type of bike and calculate your height with the bike size. Here I have given an equation that you may follow.

  • City bike: For a city, bike calculate your leg inseam multiply 0.685 = you will get your frame size
  • Mountain bike: For a mountain bike, your leg inseams multiply 0.66= you will get your frame size
  • Road bike: For the road bike, your leg inseams multiply 0.70= you will get your frame size

Follow these instructions and get your favorite bike with 100% potentiality which will develop your health condition with other facilities.

26 bike for what size person: By these methods, we can generally get the idea that a 26-inch bike is preferable for what size person. If you want to buy this size of bike you have to be 6’4”+ taller.

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